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This web site (hereafter referred to as the Web Site) is operated by Takuma Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Takuma) or its representative.

Before using the Web Site, the user must read and agree to the access conditions.

Takuma reserves the right to alter access conditions for the Web Site. In the event of such an alteration, revised access conditions will be announced on the Web Site. Please confirm the latest conditions whenever accessing the Web Site.

The Web Site contains links to other web sites operated by affiliated Takuma Group companies and third parties. Please review and comply with access conditions of each respective site upon access.

Access Conditions

1. Copyrights and Trademark Rights

1. The copyrights of the Web Site and its contents belong to Takuma unless otherwise specified. The use of any such information (including but not limited to reproduction, imitation, alteration, distribution, sale, display and delivery) without permission is prohibited, except for private use and other cases authorized under copyright law.

2. Trademarks, logos, service marks, characters, graphics, symbols, and other marks for products and services included on the Web Site are trademarks or registered trademarks of Takuma or its affiliated companies unless otherwise specified, and their use is therefore prohibited.

2. Prohibited Acts

When using the Web Site, please note that the following acts are prohibited. Links to any other web site from which any of the following acts take place are also prohibited.

1. An act that violates any law or ordinance

2. A criminal act or an act that leads to a crime

3. An act that offends public order and morals

4. An act that causes loss or damage to Takuma, an affiliated company, or third party

5. An act that makes a false declaration or notification (e.g., unauthorized registration of an individual's e-mail address)

6. An act that uses or transmits a harmful program such as a computer virus

7. An act that may constitute any of the above acts

8. An act that is determined to be inappropriate by Takuma

3. Disclaimer

1. Although Takuma shall administer the contents of the Web Site with utmost care, there is no guarantee concerning the accuracy, usefulness, and other aspects of any of the contents. Takuma shall take no responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of the Web Site for any reason whatsoever.

2. Takuma may revise any information on the Web Site or disrupt or discontinue the operation of the Web Site. Takuma shall take no responsibility for any reason whatsoever for any damage resulting from any such revision, disruption, or discontinuation of the Web Site.

3. It is the responsibility of the user to take preventive measures against computer viruses to which he or she may be exposed when using the Web Site. Takuma shall take no responsibility for any reason whatsoever for any damage resulting from such use of the Web Site.

4. The contents of any other web site containing a link to the Web Site and operated by a third party (hereafter referred to as a linked web site) are managed under the responsibility of that third party. Takuma shall take no responsibility for the contents of and any damage resulting from the use of any such linked web site.

5. The existence of a link to the Web Site does not indicate a tie-up, cooperation, or any other special relationship between Takuma and the third party operating the linked web site, nor does it mean Takuma endorses the products or services offered by the third party.

6. This website gathers access information using Google Analytics in order to facilitate the statistical analysis of website maintenance, administration, and usage. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information that cannot be used to identify specific individuals. The methods by which access information is gathered and used are set forth in the Google Analytics Terms of Service and in Google's Privacy Policy. For more information about Google Analytics, see the following link: http://www.google.com/analytics/).

4. Links

Links to the TAKUMA web site are permitted with the exception of those for which Condition 2 applies. Even in the event that Condition 2 does not apply, TAKUMA reserves the right to prohibit the use of links to the TAKUMA web site from any third-party site.

5. Management of Personal Information

1. Any personal information that may be obtained by Takuma from users of the Web Site shall be handled in accordance with the Takuma Personal Information Protection Policy, details of which can be found on the Web Site.

2. Takuma shall take no responsibility for the protection of personal information on any linked web site. The third party operating the linked web site should be contacted for information regarding such matters.

6. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

1. The interpretation and application of any of the access conditions as well as the use of the Web Site shall be governed by Japanese Law unless otherwise specified.

2. For any lawsuit related to the use of the Web Site, the Osaka District Court shall be the exclusive competent court for the initial trial.

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