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Management Principles

Takuma will strive for social contribution, corporate value enhancement, long-term corporate development and the satisfaction of all stakeholders by providing goods and services that are needed and recognized as valuable in society.

In 2006, as the management principles of Takuma and the Takuma Group, we have organized and clarified the values of "Serve society through boiler manufacturing," which is the founding spirit of our company (Takuma Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. at that time).
We aim to contribute to society by supplying goods and services that we provide. This spirit can also be applied to the concept of Sustainability and ESG that in recent years has become a vital issue for corporate management.

Company Motto

Value Technology, Value People, Value the Earth

Company Motto

It was established in 1992 as a company motto to replace the founding spirit of our company (Takuma Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. at that time). Our mission is to protect the global environment by maximizing the individuality and talents of every employees and constantly refining the technology that is at the forefront of the industry.

The founding spirit "Serve society through boiler manufacturing,"

It was the mission statement of Takuma, then Takuma Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded by Tsunekichi Takuma, one of the ten great inventors of Japan during the period of Meiji and Taisho (1868 - 1926).

Company emblem

Company emblem<

This is the company emblem established when our company (Takuma Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. at that time) was founded. As the progress of "research," "manufacturing," and "installation" is the pillar of the company's business, these three beliefs are shaped like a triangle, and the company name (Takuma) is designed.It represents our eternal desire to constantly improve our products and contribute to our customers and society.

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