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President and CEO Hiroaki Nanjo

The origin of Takuma from the invention of the Takuma boiler

Founder Tsunekichi Takuma invented the Takuma boiler in 1912, making a significant contribution to the development of Japanese industry. He then founded Takuma in 1938 with the founding spirit of “Serve society through boiler manufacturing”. Drawing on this founding spirit, Takuma has continued to embrace the challenge of new technologies in every era by bringing out new products and services borne of creativity, thereby contributing to the development of society and to the resolution of societal challenges.

Our current business activities of energy utilization and environmental conservation

Based on our Management Principles "TAKUMA will strive for social contribution, corporate value enhancement, long-term corporate development and the satisfaction of all stakeholders by providing goods and services that are needed and recognized as valuable in society" which we inherited from the founding spirit, the Takuma Group pursues business activities in the fields of energy utilization and environmental protection, such as EPC(* 1) , operation management, and after-sales service for municipal solid waste treatment plants(e.g. waste incineration facilities originating from boiler technology), energy plants(e.g. biomass power plants) and water treatment plants.
In these businesses, the Takuma Group has secured its position through its greatest strengths, the technologies and expertise that have been improved upon and accumulated through much R&D and trial and error, as well as the relationships of trust that the Group has developed with longstanding customers by providing after-sales service and solutions.

(※1)Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of a variety of plants

Implementing ESG management toward the realization of "Vision 2030"

Currently in the world, various societal challenges are occurring in the energy and environment fields related to the Takuma Group businesses, such as responding to climate change, and rising energy demands and waste problems particularly in developing nations.
Under these societal challenges and medium- to long-term trends, we have formulated the long-term vision "Vision 2030". Based on this vision, the Takuma Group will implement ESG management to address ESG issues by undertaking business activities that consistently provide technologies and services that help resolve issues faced by customers in their business activities or social challenges with a focus on renewable energy utilization and environmental protection, and envision an ordinary profit of JPY 20 billion yen to be achieved in 10 years.
For the Takuma Group which inherited the founding spirit of “Serve society through boiler manufacturing”, the philosophy of ESG management has already taken root, and we will continue to evolve this way and strive to achieve our goals.

Aiming for sustainable growth with customers and society and the satisfaction of all stakeholders

In FY2021 , we started working on the long-term vision "Vision 2030" and the 13th Medium-Term Management Plan, which is the first step toward the realization of "Vision 2030".
With pride in contributing to the conservation of the global environment, we at the Takuma Group will strive to become a great partner for our customers and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by implementing ESG management through ideas and proactive efforts as a leading company.
We aim to enhance corporate value by growing sustainably alongside our customers and society, and to satisfy all stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, employees and business partners who trust us.
We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

May 2022
President and CEO
Hiroaki Nanjo

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