Message from Top Management

  • Since the last fiscal year, we have been working to implement the 12th Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2018 to FY2020), which embodies the final stage of building structures capable of consistently earning an ordinary profit of JPY 10 billion even as the business environment undergoes a process of significant change, in keeping with our corporate vision of “aiming to maintain our role of being an indispensable presence in society as a leading company in the field of renewable energy utilization and environmental protection”, and our target of achieving ordinary profit of JPY 10 billion in FY2020.

    While we continue to see robust demand in the Group’s principal business domain, the business environment is expected to undergo major changes over the medium and long term in response to evolving national policies and the structure of society. Reflecting such recognition, the 12th Medium-Term Management Plan identifies the achievement of the vision and the enhancement of our corporate strength in order to facilitate subsequent, steady growth as major themes, considering our assessment of environmental changes expected in the future.

    Going forward, the Group will marshal its resources to achieve its vision, to build robust business and management foundation, and to facilitate its long-term development by steadily implementing the current Medium-Term Management Plan. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

  • President and CEO Takaaki Kato

    April 2019
    President and CEO
    Hiroaki Nanjo

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