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Rotating drum-type concentrator

This energy-saving mechanical concentrator features a simple design for easy operation and maintenance management.

Structure and Principles

Rotating drum-type concentrators consist of a drum-type screen made of metal wedge wire. Coagulated sludge fed into the concentrator is concentrated as the drum rotates and fed toward the exit by a spiral-shaped feed impeller inside the drum. The screen is continuously washed during operation to keep it from clogging.

Structure and Principles
We carried out joint research with the Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering and Technology and published a Technical Manual in March 2013.


Easy operation and maintenance management

The machine features simple concentration principles and design and uses fewer consumables to keep operation and maintenance management simple.

Low power consumption

The machine has extremely low power consumption thanks to a simple design that requires only that the drum screen rotate at low speed.

High concentration performance

The machine delivers stable performance, with a concentrated sludge concentration of at least 4% and a suspended solid recovery rate of at least 97% (with excess sludge).

Low cost

The machine uses fewer consumables, keeping the cost of maintenance low.

Reduced odor, noise and vibration

Thanks to the machine’s sealed design, it is easy to keep unpleasant odors under control. Additionally, there is almost no noise or vibration since the drum rotates at low speed.

Proposal for High-volume Treatment

By mixing excess sludge and raw sludge (primary sludge), coagulation is improved, and the coagulant floc that is produced becomes robust and readily dehydrated. This approach can significantly increase sludge treatment volume (by at least 5 times compared to when using excess sludge alone). A compact machine can handle the process, even with an increase in treatment volume.

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