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Low-power Vertical Agitator (Bio Blade Mix)

This low-power vertical agitator is ideal for use in mixing reaction tanks.


Bio Blade Mix consists of a mixing impeller, shaft, and drive unit. The mixing impeller features a unique design consisting of two blades with openings and auxiliary blades that are driven at low speed by a drive unit located on top of the water to implement efficient mixing.


Low-energy operation

An entire water tank can be mixed adequately with an agitation power density* of 1.0 to 3.0 W/㎥. Reference: TAKUMA submerged aerator: 6 to 10 W/㎥
*Agitation power density = Power required by agitator / agitation tank capacity

Exceptional agitation performance

A special blade profile generates upflow and downflow.

Gentle agitation ensures no breakup of activated sludge floc.

Oxygen dissolution from the water tank surface is minimized.

Ideal for updating existing facilities

Long, thin blades can be installed in small floor openings.

The installation is simple because there is no shaft bearing or similar component on the floor of the tank.
⇒ TAKUMA has an extensive track record delivering these systems.

Easy maintenance

As the drive unit and shaft bearing are located at the surface of water, maintenance management is easy.

The mixing impeller and shaft are made of stainless steel for outstanding durability.

Low-power Vertical Agitator (Bio Blade Mix)
March 2005: Obtained "The Construction Technology Review and Certification (Sewerage Technology)", Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering and Technology

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