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Denitrification Sand Filtration and Dephosphorization Sand Filtration

Nitrogen removal functionality can be supplemented by installing an organic matter feeder and making some partial changes to internal sand filtration components. Also, phosphorus can be removed by means of coagulation filtration by adding inorganic coagulant at the system intake.

Denitrification Sand Filtration

Removal of nitrate nitrogen (denitrification) is carried out by adhering denitrifying bacteria to the filter sand and adding organic matter (methanol). Suspended solids and nitrogen can be removed simultaneously by adding a denitrification sand filtration process after the final settling pond.

Denitrification Sand Filtration


High-efficiency nitrogen removal

The filter material is also washed continuously during the filteration of raw water.

Ideal for adding nitrogen removal capability to existing water treatment facilities

A space-saving nitrogen removal system can be implemented by installing a denitrification filter basin at existing water treatment facilities (that use the standard activated sludge method).

Reduction in running costs thanks to automated control

Additive volume is minimized by measuring the nitric acid concentration and automatically controlling the amount of methanol injected into the system accordingly.


Dephosphorization Sand Filtration

  • High phosphorus removal efficiency can be achieved by adding inorganic coagulant to final sedimentation overflow water that contains few suspended solids. The rate at which coagulant is added can be reduced by approximately 30% compared to methods in which coagulant is added to a conventional reaction tank.

  • A continuous washing mechanism ensures stable filtration of raw water to which coagulant has been added.

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