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Water Treatment Plants

We supply systems that deliver reliable performance and excellent energy savings.
In the area of sludge treatment, our step grate stoker type sewage sludge incineration and power generation system helps reduce greenhouse gases by sewage sludge as a source of energy.

Water Treatment and Advanced Treatment

Upflow moving-bed sand filtration system
"Uniflow Sand Filter"

This sand filtration system can deliver high-speed filtration at up to 1,000 m/day.
Thanks to continuous washing of the filter material, the filtration exhibits stable performance and is adequate both for advanced treatment of discharged water and for generating fresh water from recycled water.

Sludge Treatment

Step Grate Stoker type sewage sludge incineration and power generation system

By taking advantage of the characteristics of step grate sludge incinerators, which require no auxiliary fuel and consume little power, and by optimizing the heat recovery system, we’re able to propose power generation systems that use waste heat from the incineration process in an array of sizes. This TAKUMA technology was adopted for inclusion in the FY2012 B-DASH Project conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Japan).