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Power Retail Business

Our power retail business helps improve plants’ added value.

Subsidiary Takuma Energy helps increase the profitability of plant operators’ businesses, reduce consumers’ greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce electricity rates by procuring and supplying power.

Local production and consumption of power

We are working to increase the added value of power plants and to revitalize regions by supplying power generated at local power plants to consumers in those regions.

Local production and consumption of power

Takuma Energy’s power source makeup and emission factor

Takuma Energy supplies primarily electric power (FIT power and recycled power) produced by energy from waste and biomass power plants delivered by TAKUMA in an effort to help realize a sustainable society.

Power source makeup

April 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021 plan

Power source makeup
Some of the expenses incurred by Takuma Energy in the course of procuring electricity are covered by dues collected from all consumers who use electricity, including non-TAKUMA customers. For the purpose of calculating CO2 emissions, this electricity is treated as having the nationwide average of CO2 emissions for electricty, which includes thermal power generation, etc..
Recycled electricity means resource circulating power that is generated by energy from waste plants that have been FIT-certified. Electricity produced at the same facility as FIT electricity (biomass)*1 is considered to be recycled electricity if it was generated using non-biomass waste fuel (plastic, etc.).
This electricity includes power from hydro, thermal, and nuclear sources as well as FIT electricity and renewable energy.
Electricity procured from other companies is included in the “Other” category. An example of power in this category would be “electricity supplied on an imbalance basis from general power transmission and distribution companies.”

CO2emission factor

(FY2018 result)

  • Post-procurement emission factor:0.449kg-CO2/kWh

  • Basic emission factor:0.004kg-CO2/kWh

Privacy Policy on the Sharing and Use of Personal Information (Takuma Energy)

Scope of joint use
Takuma Energy may use customers’ personal information jointly with the entities listed below. *5
Electricity retailers *6
General power transmission and distribution companies *7
Organization for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators, JAPAN
Purpose of joint use
To enter into, change, or terminate transmission and supply contracts or generating capacity adjustment and supply contracts (“Supply Contracts”)
To terminate retail supply contracts (including contracts related to remote islands supply and final assured supply) or electricity supply contracts (“Retail Supply Contracts”) on behalf of customers *8
To confirm information related to the location of supply (location of service)
To carry out the obligations of a general power transmission and distribution company in accordance with Supply Contracts, for example reading meters; maintaining, inspecting, and replacing equipment; and checking equipment in the event of a power outage or disaster
Information subject to joint use
Basic information:
Name, address, phone number, Retail Supply Contract number
Information related to the location of supply (location of service):
Area of supply for the general power transmission and distribution company to have the Supply Contract, inclusion in a remote island supply contract, identifying number for location of supply (location of service), Supply Contract balance information, current upper limit value, connection and transmission service menu, power factor, supply method, Supply Contract finalization method, meter information, lead-in pole number, presence of grid-tied equipment, date of Supply Contract transfer, meter reading day, contract status, termination clause method
Joint use administrators
Basic information:
Power retailer that is a party to the Retail Supply Contract (for basic information related to consumers who receive remote island supply or final assured supply: general power transmission and distribution company)
Information related to the location of supply (location of service):
General power transmission and distribution company that serves the location of supply (location of service)
Takuma Energy’s joint use of customers’ personal information is limited to companies that fall within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of joint use. Customers’ personal information is not necessarily subject to joint use with all power retailers and general power transmission and distribution companies.
In this context, “electricity retailer” refers to any company that has been registered as an electricity retailer with the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry because it does not satisfy the criteria for refusing registration under the terms of Article 2 Paragraph 5 Item 1 of the Electricity Business Act (Act No. 170, July 11, 1964) (including companies that are treated as having registered as a power retailer under the supplementary provisions of the Act Partially Amending the Electricity Business Act [Act No. 72 of 2014]). (For more information about company names, addresses, and other information, see the website of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.)
In this context, “general power transmission and distribution company” refers to the following companies: Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc.; Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc.; TEPCO Power Grid, Inc.; Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.; Hokuriku Electric Power Company; Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.; Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.; Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc.; Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.; and Okinawa Electric Power Co., Inc.
In this context, “to terminate retail supply contracts... on behalf of customers” refers to acting as an agent of a customer that has applied for a new Retail Supply Contract by applying to cancel the customer’s Retail Supply Contract with another supplier.

Enacted on December 17, 2015, and revised on April 1, 2016.