Waste Heat Boiler


Since as early as 1945, TAKUMA has devoted itself to develop waste heat boilers backed by proven experience and specialized know-how in boiler manufacture. We have so far delivered as many as over 500 units of waste heat boilers, all of which have won high reputation throughout industries. We will dedicate ourselves to the development of the most sophisticated waste heat boilers to meet various needs in any industrial plant.

For Energy and Cost Savings

At present, annual domestic energy consumption in Japan, for example, amounts to the equivalent to about 400 million kl in heavy oil, most of which are however imported. In the meantime, thermal energy utilization in its industries accounts for 50% only, while the rest of the thermal energy remains unused to be discharged to the atomospher. TAKUMA waste heat boilers, or waste heat recovery systems utilize these unused heats effectively in such ways as steam generation, hot water supply, oil & air heating and further power generation, thereby contributing to energy and cost savings.

For Energy and Cost Savings

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