Features of TAKUMA Waste Heat Boiler

1. Ample Experience and Delivery Record

We have delivered as many as over 500 units of waste heat boilers to every branch of industry, any heat from which has been efficiently recovered, thus enjoying a great deal of reputation at home and abroad.

2. Optimum Selection of Boiler Type

To meet your requirements, Takuma waste heat boilers are designed to select optimum boiler types with full consideration for waste gas condition, steam condition, operation mode, installation space and various other factors, ensuring to maintain high performance of the boilers over long period of time.

3. Dust Preventive Measures

Takuma waste heat boilers are designed to select a suitable heating surface for dust quantity and composition, and equipped with dust removal equipment suitable for boiler type and construction, which can readily remove dust to the outside.

4. Corrosion-proof

In case the waste gas contains corrosive components, temperature on casing and heat exchanger tube surface is maintained a constant range to avoid corrosion to the minimum.

5. Abrasion-proof

Waste gases are laden with dust which, due to sandblasting action, has an abrasive effect on heat exchanger tubes. With full consideration for dust quantity, particle size and hardness, Takuma waste heat boilers are designed to select the most suitable gas velocity and type of gas flow as well as to install abrasion protectors, if necessary.

6. Easy Operation and Maintenance

Automatic operation can be provided to be equipped with sophisticated instruments and controls. Many sightholes and big access doors make maintenance and inspection very easy.

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