Personal Information Protection Policy

Takuma Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Takuma) understands the importance of effectively safeguarding personal information and has implemented the following procedures that are applicable to all personal information handled throughout the course of business operations.

  • Takuma will comply with the Act for the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and ordinances.
  • Takuma will clarify all applicable rules and regulations concerning the handling of personal information, ensure that all employees are made aware of such rules and regulations, and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of subcontractors that handle personal information supplied by Takuma.
  • When obtaining personal information, Takuma will notify each individual of or publicly announce the intended use of such information. All personal information will be handled within the range of its intended use.
  • Should any individual request that his or her personal information be disclosed, revised, supplemented, deleted, canceled, or otherwise processed, Takuma will comply with that request within a reasonable scope and period of time.
  • Takuma will take all necessary measures to prevent the accidental leakage, loss, or tampering of personal information in its possession.
  • Takuma will continuously review and strive to improve the contents of this policy and other internal regulations.

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