The TAKUMA Group Ethics Charter

TAKUMA and the TAKUMA group companies believe that it is essential for the sound development of the group that all of the directors and employees remain aware of our social responsibilities and the circumstances surrounding us as well as act in response to social ethics complying with applicable related laws and ordinances. Bearing the above in mind, we have established and will promote this ethics charter as our code of conduct, aiming to realize our management principles.

We shall strive for a proactive social contribution while establishing a harmonious coexistence with the global environment as good corporate citizens.
We shall act in good faith in accordance with sound business custom, while complying with applicable laws and regulations and committing ourselves to fair, transparent and free competition, as well as conducting lawful business activities.
We shall never have any relationship with antisocial forces or such organizations, which may pose a threat to the social order and security of civil society.
We shall respect fundamental human rights and never practice discrimination.
We shall strive to provide high quality products and services, based on our advanced technologies, to attain high acclaim and confidence from our customers.
We shall strive to disclose corporate information to shareholders and investors through investor relations (IR) and other activities on a timely and equitable basis.
We shall strive to protect corporate properties as well as information, while never using either for improprieties or any unjustifiable purpose other than business operation.

Established on June 8, 2006