Compliance and CSR Promotion Activities

Compliance and CSR Promotion Structure

 Led by the department in charge of compliance and CSR promotion (CSR Department), TAKUMA aims at encouraging proper activities through the Compliance & CSR Promotion Organization which was installed for the purpose of enabling compliance and CSR to concretely permeate company-wide through an in-house organization.

 This organization is composed of a chairman (the Executive Manager of the Compliance & CSR Promotion Division), a secretariat (positioned in the CSR Department), and an executing organization in each division, center, and department. As the person in charge of promoting compliance and CSR in his or her division, each division or center manager is appointed as a Compliance and CSR Promotion Administrator. As persons who implement awareness and education in compliance and CSR in their respective departments, department managers are appointed as Compliance and CSR Promoters.

 The initiative includes an annual regular meeting at which Compliance & CSR Promotion Administrators discuss the state of compliance and CSR promotion throughout the company as well as quarterly departmental meetings at which Compliance & CSR Promoters are given training to help them better carry out related activities in their departments.

 Additionally, the TAKUMA Group Coordinating Committee for Compliance & CSR Promotion is held twice a year for representatives of group companies to help ensure that compliance and risk management are implemented throughout the group.

Compliance & CSR promotion structure
Compliance & CSR promotion structure

Compliance and CSR Promotion Education

TAKUMA implements compliance and CSR promotion training for all employees through the Compliance & CSR Promotion Organization. During FY2020, we held four compliance and CSR promotion training sessions to help spread awareness of compliance and CSR throughout the group and ensure that risk management activities are carried out in an ongoing and steady manner. These sessions reflected the 12th Medium-Term Management Plan’s policy of “Continuing to pursue compliance management.”

Training in FY2019 (examples below) ・Antimonopoly Act ・Security Export Control ・Workplace Harassment
Training in FY2020 (examples below) ・Intellectual property right・environmental issue・Internal Reporting System

A variety of Educational Methods

We use a variety of methods to foster a high level of awareness of compliance and CSR, including CSR education and discussions implemented directly by Promoters (department managers) as well as computer-based e-learning.

Risk Management

We consider it necessary to effectively address risks that could interfere with the group’s achievement of its business goals so that we can safeguard and steadily increase our corporate value over the long term.

To that end, we have established a series of Risk Management Code based on our Risk Management Policy. Each business department compiles a risk management plan and risk management report that identify risks with the potential to adversely impact our businesses while setting forth measures to avoid, transfer, mitigate, or otherwise address them. The Compliance & CSR Promotion Division provides central management in this area, reporting status information to directors and officers to anchor a companywide approach to risk management.

To manage risk related to plant construction, our primary business, we have formulated a series of Project Risk Management Code and put in place structures that make it possible to report to the Committee of Executive Officers on topics ranging from project progress to cost and quality management. We have also compiled a series of Crisis Management Code to address risks that have manifested themselves by setting forth methods for minimizing losses.

Group companies also work to develop and strengthen approaches to risk management through the TAKUMA Group Coordinating Committee for Compliance and CSR Promotion.

Risk Management Structure

Risk Management Structure