Compliance Declaration

TAKUMA and its group companies have established our management principles to strive for social contribution, corporate value enhancement, long-term corporate development and all stakeholders' satisfaction by yielding goods and services needed and recognized as valuables in society.
However, even though we provide good products and services of high quality, if these are produced through antisocial behavior, the existence of the company would never be socially accepted. We believe that the code of conduct - based on which our group companies will sustainably live in harmony with society - is compliance.

Although compliance generally means to observe laws or ordinance, our group considers, it also includes compliance with internal regulations and the concept of ethics and morality in order to address CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) from a broad perspective.

In accordance with the priority subject of the 8th mid-term management plan, the TAKUMA group companies newly launched the Compliance & CSR Promotion Division, which represents a further development of our previous CSR Promotion & Auditing Department, in April this year. Based on the initiatives of the aforementioned division, we pledge to further promote the improvement of compliance-related regulations and establishments, bearing in mind that it is absolutely up to individual members to practice such compliance.

I as the chief executive officer hereby declare, together with all directors and employees of our group companies, that we pledge to direct both the organization and individuals toward compliance, based on the concept that the implementation of compliance by individuals forms our corporate principles, eventually leading to our management principles.

* The above Compliance Declaration was made by the then President and CEO Mr. Hajime Tejima in May 2006.

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